About us

PlanitEasy is a web based travel planning platform that makes travel planning easy. We are launching with a focus on the companies that bring the highest value to travelers when it comes to personalization of travel experiences and exceptional customer service -- Travel Agencies and Tour Operators. Our platform is designed to streamline the travel professional's workflow by integrating all of the necessary planning tools into one system. Agents and tour operators no longer need to juggle multiple, non-integrated and archaic technologies which force them to re-enter information across platforms. Planiteasy allows the user to run their entire company on one platform. Our platform makes complex custom and group travel planning easy, giving companies more time to focus on their client experience and on growing their business.

Though we are starting with agents and tour operators we will ultimately expand to offer a consumer version of our platform to help channel more business to travel agencies, tour operators and travel suppliers. Built as a virtual travel industry ecosystem, travelers and travel professionals will be able to connect and collaborate amongst one another, greatly improving the quality and personalization of travel experiences. PlanitEasy brings an evolutionary change to online travel planning and booking by combining the powers of technology and human interaction.

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