Our Story

PlanitEasy was built to solve a problem. The problem was that there was no single technology that integrated all of the tools travel agents need to run their businesses. Sure, there are some platforms out there that integrate a few tools, but there was no platform that had all of the tools to run your agency from beginning to end… until PlanitEasy.

Our CEO, Christopher Eriksen worked for years as a financial trader where he became accustomed to using the Bloomberg Terminal, which not only integrates all of the best tools for traders to use, but also includes a platform where traders can connect and collaborate with one another. He realized that a platform like the Bloomberg Terminal could “evolutionize” the travel industry. And thus PlanitEasy was born.

Our industry has gone through huge changes over the last few decades due to the evolving technological landscape. Agents in particular, have fought hard to keep up with these changes and remain competitive. PlanitEasy was created so they could win that fight. We have created a platform that combines all of the best tools to run your travel company, with a social network that will allow travel professionals to connect and collaborate with one another.

We believe that the travel industry of the future will be a combination of high tech and high touch. Travel technology will keep improving and therefore customer service will have to keep apace. The highest quality customer service will be rewarded. Our platform empowers travel industry professionals with the high tech tools they need to deliver high touch personalized service from beginning to end.

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