Connect & collaborate with others to deliver end-to-end personalized customer experiences.


Our planning tools are fully integrated with the ecosystem, saving time and helping your team stay organized.


Send, receive and track RFP's directly to/from vendors and potential clients.


Sharing resources between industry players, makes everyone more resourceful.

Empowering Personalization,
Creativity and Edge.

PlanitEasy makes it easier to create higher quality personalized travel experiences.
Our fully integrated planning tools, social ecosystem and people-to-people marketplace, opens up a new exciting world of opportunities for travel professionals to create and execute unique experiences for clients.

Collaborating more efficiently and pooling together expertise, connections and resources, extends everyone's ability to reach further and give travelers the personalized experience they deserve.

Relationships and human connections matter.
Work faster and smarter together.

How it works
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Collaboration and Planning
Seamlessly Integrated

PlanitEasy seamlessly integrates our unique human ecosystem with an
industry first fully-integrated all-in-ONE travel planning platform.
Personalize. Save time. Stay organized.

All-in-ONE travel planning platform for travel companies.
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